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Why you shouldn’t buy followers on Instagram

Use these 7 tips and tricks to grow your following organically!

In a world where everything is automated, it might just seem that growing your Instagram following organically is an enormous hassle. You’re not alone. There are plenty of services that allow you to easily buy 1000 followers for a small price. But, if it’s really that easy and cheap to do – why isn’t everybody doing it? What’s the catch – is buying followers legal and safe for your business and is it a worthwhile investment?

The second part of 2019 Novelty focused on tackling Instagram. You might have even come to this blog article through our Instagram account. And if you have, you’d know that now we are at about 500 followers. You might think this isn’t much, which it’s not... but 300+ followers in a matter of 3-4 months – gained completely organically – is nice, and beats buying fake accounts in our book. Why?

Buying followers is basically fake accounts created with the sole purpose of it looking nice. As a marketing agency, it is obviously something we could never do – and, why would we? Fake accounts give us 0 engagement, leads and distorts our measure and tracking tools. Next to the complete embarrassment of finding ourselves in the situation of someone discovering that a marketing agency is buying followers, because its marketing efforts weren’t enough. Sjeesh… that would look bad!

Not to mention, that by buying followers you are violating Instagram's community guidelines and it may trigger a reaction from Instagram moderators, resulting in blocking or even the permanent deletion of ones Instagram account.

What to do instead

So here we are to help you navigate Instagram for your company with some top tips and tricks we have learned along the way. BTW, stay posted – as we are preparing for strategic training classes in the ‘very’ near future tackling everything from strategy, sales, social Media and positioning.

TIP 1: Ah so pretty, oh so pretty, make it Pretty & Witty and Bright!*

This is the #1 thing people see as soon as they open your Instagram profile. Instagram is very much a visual social channel, much more so than Facebook / LinkedIn or Twitter. Therefore, a pretty feed makes people want to follow you more than when there is no coordination between the images in your feed. Presentation is what paves the way to good or bad first impressions on your business as well.

What we do for our client is to first create a mood board before proceeding to create the social account. We think strategically about Colors, Fonts and Feed Structure. Below 4 different layouts you can choose from:


We use a visual Instagram planner, before scheduling all our posts. We Googled some for you here:

1. Later.com (Free for individual use - Paid for business)

2. SmarterQueue (Paid)

3. Sked Social (Paid)

Over the past 5 years, marketing our own company was not primarily necessary, so we focused on getting results for our clients, rather than ourselves. But, preach what you pray – and starting October ’19 Novelty set out to become the Instagram expert on the island. Novelty’s Instagram account would become it’s guinea pig, and everything we advise our clients to do and more is first implemented in our own Instagram account.

TIP 2: Don’t be afraid to write out your story!

Perhaps for one reason or the other you have heard that short and sweet captions are the best when talking about Instagram or any platform for that matter. This is partially true, but it seems we have heard the theory of Facebook or Twitter and ran with it to all social media platforms. And the truth is that every social media platform, although similar, has its own unique ‘communication etiquette’ or unspoken rules. Short captions on Instagram are awesome! However, long captions on Instagram are great to improve branding and communicate who and what your brand stands for to your followers.

In a modern world filled with communities that remain connected throughout the whole world by one simple tap, your social media platforms are your greatest and frankly the best ways to connect and get to know the customers that support and stand behind your brand.

Still, when writing long captions on Instagram we must maintain a healthy balance. One must be considerate to write things that will not only catch the attention of the platform user but also keep it as well as remaining within the branding guidelines and story of the company. So don’t be afraid and take that leap!


Be personal! Build relationships! Connect! Engage! Conversation is not a one way street. It’s like making friends for the first time. They get a first impression of you. They get to know you little by little. Absorbing little facts and habits here and there. And more often than not, they become close and personal friends whom you trust.

Selfies are a great way of illustrating a more intimate connection with followers. It gives the feeling that they know you and understand you even more. This includes peaks behind the curtain and the face behind the work that is later displayed. For example behind the scenes content. Make your business more personal to costumer’s. It’s all about connection!

TIP 4: It's all in the details~

Let’s talk insta-hacks. Get it? Instant hacks… Anyways, making friends also means putting yourself out there and actually making your existence known. And we all know that friendships are not built in a day. It takes not only time but effort and investment as well. So, we’ll let you in on a little - not so much - secret. That is; to be intentional with every detail. Including what you write about your company in your biography. Adding keywords to your biography and or posts is an essential and powerful tool to getting your Instagram account introduced to new users.

Every time you follow a certain account, Instagram makes sure to display other accounts you may be interested in below. And if you look close enough you might notice that these accounts usually have certain words or characteristics in common. As well as when searching for a keyword or account, Instagram will display related accounts that have the potential of sparking interest in your potential future followers/customers.

TIP 5: Make mutual friends!

We have all noticed the trend of collaboration between brands and influencers. But many have underrated or overlooked the impact this brings and powerful tool that this is. When building an atmosphere of trust one must find things in common with the other person. You might furrow your eyebrows and still be asking yourself; What does this have to do with brands using influencers? Well… Imagine meeting someone for the first

time through a mutual friend. More often than not, you feel much more comfortable and inclined to get to know the other person in this scenario rather than if the person was a complete stranger. Advertising through influencers allows brands to promote through someone that a the community watches, engages with and trusts on a daily basis. When watching a commercial or social media ad, consumers are trusting that if their influencer of choice loves the product, they will too.

Of course, when choosing influencers be considerate in picking someone who indeed stands behind your brand. For example with gym’s one might collaborate best with influential body builders inside the fitness community. So, what do you have in common with your audience?

TIP 6: Spread the word!

Make use of all your resources. This includes the mention or lack of a better term, promotion of your account to the users on perhaps Facebook or Twitter. Go big and think big. However, take it step by step and don’t be afraid of enlarging your audience further. The possibilities are endless!

TIP 7: And last but not least. Have fun with it!*

Be creative and innovative with your strategy. The best marketing is the one that doesn’t feel like it. Play in to trends and have a little fun. A great way is by creating IG-filters. If your brand uses Instagram for business, you’re probably already aware that Instagram Stories is an effective way to engage with young users. While this tool might not be right for all businesses, it’s a great option for brands trying to reach younger individuals on Instagram.This might prompt your followers to use them in their own accounts which paves the way to free publicity.

This incredibly powerful tool helps to show the personality of your brand, to further connect your audience, be ahead of the curve and increase brand awareness.

Now it’s your turn! Venture out and make some new friends. It’s time to get creative!

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