We Care, We Create and We Connect - with you!

Our 3 step guide to better results for your business through Care, Creation & Connection!

Welcome to our new website, and very first blog!

We’ve been around for 5 years now but never got around to writing an actual blog. But, we’ve finally taken the time to adjust our new website and adding a blog section.

Yes, it took us some time, but here we are! After our 5th anniversary in June, we decided to no longer be “just another marketing agency’. No more “just Facebook”, or “Just Google Ads”, we wanted more. Not for us, but for our clients. Because let’s be honest – you deserve more than just another marketing expert who’s great at being creative but not thinking together with you about your goals. Pictures, short movies, and animation are great – but what’s the end game, really?

Well, we believe every business, from start-up to large corporations have great passionate people who want: More Sales, More Exposure, More Reservations and More Awareness for their business or brand. Ultimately achieving something even better: More free time, More family time and feeling More secure about work and sales. In the end, we all want one thing: to enjoy a life we truly deserve (“echt verdienen wat je verdient”).

So that’s what we do, together with you! Through 3 clear steps imbedded in Novelty’s credo:

Care – Creation – Connection.

How does it work?

We walk through each phase together with our client to make sure we know what it is what you want.

CARE | The discovery phase

During our first meeting in our office, yours or at one of Aruba’s great coffee bars, we want to know who you are, where you are now and where you want to go. Tell us everything, the good, bad and ugly. From the nitty to the gritty.

These are the primary questions we look to answer during the discovery phase. Through careful research, we understand your business, market, shareholders, and clients. After establishing strengths and weaknesses, passions and possibilities - together we research the most profitable situation. We set clear goals and KPI’s while establishing a long-term plan.

You know where you want to go, and we know how.

CREATION | The strategic design phase

Let it shine! Here is where the creativity blossoms!

The research, goals and KPI’s from phase 1 are bundled together in a strategic marketing plan offering multiple tools and roadmaps to meet and measure your goals. Like there are more ways to Rome, there are more ways to market your business. Think: Social, Think: Online, Think: ‘outside-of-the-box”. Here is where our creative and strategic teams thrive, as a creative operational plan is designed for the implementation phase. Because an idea without a plan is still just an idea or no.. a dream without a plan is just another excuse to keep on dreaming, right? Excuse us while we try to get our cheesy classic liners under control here..

CONNECTION | The implementation phase

Now let’s get up and moving! This is the moment of connecting you to your customer base. The research from phase 1 and the creative strategic operational plan from phase 2 come to life. Through systematically tracking and measuring results during our monthly meetings with your sales department we’ll increase those sales numbers!

Don't forget to always have a goal in mind, not just for your business but also for your marketing and sales department. What do you expect them to do, and are those goals realistic and measurable? Don't just go on Social Media because everybody does it, do it because it's a 'tool' to help you establish your goal!

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