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The Future is Female

An ode to all Aruban women owning the game ahead of International Women’s Day!

(us, casually striding into the future)

We are a little biased here, but let’s be honest: The Future is Female has been trending for a significant time now – and in 2 days it's International Women’s Day. However, The Future has been here in Aruba for quite some time, in our opinion. Because women in Aruba have been killing the game for years, cultivating in a Power Trifecta of a female prime Minister, ATA CEO and AHATA CEO.

Not just corporations and politics have seen female significance, Aruban women are marking their place in every industry on the island. Just a few shout outs of female owned businesses we thought of at the top of our mind:

Bugaloe Beach Bar | Jolly Pirates | Dana’s Interiors | Prima Casa | Lindy Boutique | Footfit Birkenstock

Magic FM | Eva Boutique | Tradewinds | Nos Fortalesa Montessori | Zonnekind daycare | Villa Kakelbont speelschool

and let's not forget the recent takeover of Papillon Restaurant, and new startup Paper Sisters! But honestly, we could just fill paper after paper with female owned businesses – and not mentioning all of them might seem like an injustice!

However, Novelty has been lucky to have worked for some boss ladies in the past and present, either female business owners or women in high positions at international and national corporations. Women in Aruba have a unique place in society where we are celebrated for our knowledge, skill, flexibility and perseverance. So even though we are biased (as a female-owned marketing agency), understanding and celebrating female entrepreneurship and the growth it has made in recent decades, is important - especially to not just make it a nice “talking shtick” because it sounds good.

Choosing to not talk about it, because business should always just be done right, not just because it’s female, is also understandable. However, March 8 is our one day a year, to acknowledge that however you want to talk, or not talk, about it: Female Entrepreneurship and the number of women in top positions in such a small island of Aruba, is still bad-ass to us.

So how does your business celebrate International Women’s Day?

Tip from us to you: Show them – compliment them, appreciate them and don’t let this day pass by like any other, or because it falls on a Sunday.

Us? We’ll just continue grinding here, pick up another marketing book by a female marketer (Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg & Nice Girls Don’t Get Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel) listen to inspiring podcasts (The Marie Forleo Podcast) and watch some nice shows on Netflix (Shine on with Reese).