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The essence of Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl Sunday.

Known as the best time of the year among marketers to think outside of the box and go crazy in regards to ideas, concepts, creativity, and budget. Also, the moment where commercials are most viewed and criticized.

Among the years we've had the opportunity to witness some incredibly brilliant commercials as well as some whom sparked conversations, controversy or left viewers scratching their heads in confusion. . .

Not to mention that one might need an impressive amount of funds to put together a high-quality commercial that is able to grab the attention of viewers and get the opportunity to have the ad be aired.

The game broadcast not only attracts a wide and diverse audience, but it spans many demographics and age groups. Therefore airing a commercial during the Super Bowl can be valuable for advertisers seeking awareness for their products and services. However, the risk of sending out the wrong message is extremely high as well.

Many Super Bowl advertisements have become iconic because of their quality, unpredictability, humor, and use of special effects. In recent years, advertisers have done their absolute best to stand out from others by producing ads with cinematographic qualities, as well as ads that transmit emotions and real-world issues.

So, what sets the Super Bowl commercials apart? It might be the fact that the commercials have become a part of the Super Bowl hype. It's the time where indeed many look forward to witnessing the ads aired and high expectations are included among viewers. Even the really bad commercials are talked about the next day over coffee.

When analyzing all of the many successful commercials ever aired we come across some similarities or for lack of a better word, some essential characteristics.

For instance communication. The first and one of the most important factors. Your commercial must be understood correctly by your audience and the message must be delivered in a correct and understandable manner to the wide range of demographics. This means that everyone from young to old must be able to comprehend the story your brand is trying to tell. Take into consideration that you are not talking to only one type of person. Rather millions of different people who have different backgrounds and opinions always vary from one to the other.

Competition is at an all-time high. You must stand out! Many other high-end brands are involved in 'the game' as well (pun intended). Think of big worldwide known brands such as Coca-Cola, Doritos's, Hyundai. And no brand has been to shy to include their competitors into their commercial as the 'less good' brand. Perhaps a Coca-Cola vs Pepsi commercial might come to mind... Point being, once you're out into the field everyone is doing the most to be seen. So. it's safe to say that not only the football players are striving for a win.