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Sanne's Week

Working From Home

Hello everyone! My name is Sanne, I am 23 years old, born and raised in a small farmers town in The Netherlands. I have studied Business Administration in Zwolle, graduated in summer 2018 and moved to Aruba! Since April 2019 I have started working at Novelty Marketing.

I have seen Novelty change from a small and bit chaotic business to an empowered female ‘all hands on deck’ team where we can rely on each other - where we get things done. With a creative team it never gets boring, that’s for sure, and every day brings something different. Here a short description of my daily tasks at Novelty:

I am the account manager of several clients of Novelty, which means I am the link between the wishes of our client and the content to be created. I make sure that all important information that needs to be communicated via Social Media actually gets content. This means constant communication between the customer and my colleagues. Marketing is NOW, trending and the most important is to stay up to date. Sometimes that means getting an assignment in the morning that should preferably be online within two hours. As I said, not a day is the same. Next to being the contact person for clients, it’s my task to create the full marketing package for our clients by writing strategic marketing plans and to check if this strategy keeps meeting the desired sales and marketing goals.

This was our second week - Working From Home. Quite a challenge for me, however like every influencer and blog said, you have to create structure! So I did, and I have found my routine. Here’s my Week@Novelty - Working From Home:

Monday Monday is MEETING day! Starting the day with replying emails, checking our clients accounts and preparing the Monday morning meeting 10 am sharp. This time via Hangout as we are all working from home: ‘Hello?’ - ‘ Do you see me?’ - ‘ I don’t hear you, you hear me?’ - and we are all there. Going through all our clients marketing strategy and discussing what is the best strategy to follow during a crisis.. As no one has the answers we have to make the best of it and think ahead, with and for our clients. This meeting lasted longer than normal during the current circumstances. After our meeting we get in touch with our clients to discuss our content for the upcoming week as changes are needed during these times.

Tuesday Every Tuesday and Thursday I am diving into the strategy of clients. Even markets, target groups, supply and demand are changing. It is necessary to regularly check the current condition of a business and to compare it with its strategy. Today I have redefined one of client target groups - together with my colleague, I can say we made it visually appealing.


Wednesday I started my day with morning yoga, breakfast with some good coffee and started working around 9 am. Bit later for me than normal, yet I really felt morning yoga would make me more relaxed - more productive - as we are all figuring out how to work from home. First thing to do is to get in contact with clients again, to see if some changes are needed. After a Skype meeting with my colleague, I found my focus and completed a strategic marketing plan for a new client. A pretty productive, satisfying day.

Thursday Next to the regular daily tasks, replying to emails and sharing creative ideas with our clients, some content needed to be created as well. Time goes by fast when you're being creative. I have made a start on this blog as I had some creativity left for today.

Friday The end of the week, new measurements are made by the government and like any other business we need to settle this in, adapt and make decisions rather soon.

We can say that even this week was way different than the last one as we all need to face this crisis and find a way how to handle this. This situation is even for a creative team like ours hard to manage. Yet we always find a way of working together in the most flexible and effective way possible. It’s probably around 3 pm at the moment, time for a ‘Hangout-Vrijmibo’ in my garden.