Let the Holiday Magic work for you

6 ways to get the most out of your holiday marketing

Survived the Black Friday Madness? We know these days can get a little crazy. But if all went well, you’ve reached your target for the event which you’ve have been planning for months, right?

With only 22 more days till Christmas and 29 days till the new decade, we must ask: Are you prepared for the Holidays?

Here are 6 ways to get the most of your holiday marketing, even when it’s already December!

#1. Get those emotions flowing

At Novelty we are all about emotion-based marketing, meaning that the moment you attach emotion to a product or

service, the connection between you and the client will increase. And what is a better time to focus on emotions than during the holiday season? The holidays ignite emotions of togetherness and nostalgia and this could just be the edge for shoppers/customers to include you in their holiday shopping. Pay extra attention to the emotional appeal of your content. Share inspirational messages on social media and give a behind-the-scenes look at how your company celebrates the holidays!

#2. Be extra thankful

Show your customers how valuable they are for your business. While there are different ways you can thank you, customers, make it authentic. Especially during the holidays even, the most loyal customer you have will debate what – and where- they want to spend their money on purchasing gifts. Make sure to pull potential and previous customers back into your business by staying Top-Of-Mind!

#3. Use those customer data you collected all year round and EMAIL

Yes, we know, you either hate it or love it, but Email Marketing is here to stay, and an effective semi-personal approach to reach your target market. Honestly, you’ve not been slaving away at getting those precious emails and customer-data all-year-round for nothing. Use it for:

- Thanking your loyal customers with special discounted items or exclusive deals

- Offering useful information and tips

- To highlight your promotions, sales, or seasonal product line

Throughout the holidays' other businesses are also sending potential customers different emails, so your Target Group will frequently check their email to get the best deals and to be up to date on the best offers.

#4. #UseHashtags

In Aruba there more than 80.000 active social media account. Mothers, grandparents, that one crazy uncle and even your cousin’s boyfriend’s dog is on social nowadays. And while we all know that ‘everybody is on social’, getting found by the right people can be hard within the clutter of social sharing.

If you’re already using social media marketing, optimize it for the holidays by using hashtags on Instagram (the holy grail of Hashtags), and Facebook.

However, #Dont #overdo #it #with #the #hashtags! Limit the hashtags you use to 1 or 2 for Facebook, with hashtags with 10+ characters performing best. Select a hashtag that performs well, and add another one specifically made for your holiday campaign. Research the best hashtags here.

#5. Remarketing: just sending out your message once might not be enough

Getting the right people to your website is one thing, but then they are not converting or buying your product. There are MANY reasons why people don’t convert right away, especially during the holiday season. Reasons we’ve heard or have secretly applied to us.

- They are busy with something else- multitasking is the devil of efficiency. - They want to do more research - They’re not yet convinced they need your services - They did not see the solution to their problem

- They just spilled hot coffee/tea/chocolate milk into their lap – again.. multitasking.

Remarketing to those people will give them a little extra nudge to remind them that you are there for them and YES, you do have the solution they need. Well, maybe not for that burn on their leg…

#6. Partner with a local charity

And finally: “Wie goed doet, goed ontmoet’. Here at Novelty, we are a strong believer in good things happening to those who do good. And we’re sure you agree!

People love supporting businesses that share their same values. Especially during the holiday season, people are looking for opportunities to give to worthy causes, so facilitating the donation process for your customers won’t just make them happier, it will show them you care about the same values than they do. On that note: Novelty is collaborating with Santa Cause Aruba this season. Visit here for more information about how you can help.

So – good luck with your holiday marketing endeavors! While planning is still the best approach, starting today might nog be too late. And perhaps you’ll consider us to set up an all-round, all-inclusive Holiday 2020 campaign! Tip: great new year solution, if you ask us ;-)!