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Femke’s Week at Novelty

The circumstances we are currently living in have an impact on everyone. It led to Femke’s unfortunate return back to the Netherlands, where she is now working remotely for Novelty. Let’s take a look at what her working week looks like.

Hi there! My name is Femke, nice to meet you. I am a 21-year-old Creative Business student from the Netherlands and I’m doing my internship here at Novelty. Even though I have only been working at Novelty for three months, I can say that I have never worked for a company that has so much passion and drive. With such a small but powerful all-women team, we can achieve anything.


The first day of the week and I start it off with some meditation. After I’ve woken up, I will meditate for 30 minutes to an hour. I do this every day and it gets me focused and ready for the day. In difficult times like these, it is important to make you less stressed and be more aware of your blessings. I eat breakfast and work out for about an hour, which I found to be one of the main things I do to fill up my time with. It is now 2 PM, which means it is 8 AM in Aruba and time to start my day of work. It is strange to start working this late, but I have been maintaining a schedule every day that helps me be disciplined. This week is all about creating social calendars for our clients. Monday is all about discussing new details, requests, or anything else about the clients. This is important in order to create social calendars. Online meetings and discussions with Leila get me a clear image of what I have to do this week. After that, I’m ready to start these calendars!


Today is all about creating the visual content for the social calendars. First, I will be editing photos I have taken for Heineken while I was in Aruba. Photo-shoots are one of my favorite things to do for Novelty. Even though I can’t do them anymore now, I still enjoy the process of editing them and making sure they look perfect. The next thing to do is to create designs for our clients. This is my favorite and most creative part of the process. Selecting designs and colors that fit with the client’s identity and creating something they love is a great process.


Wednesday, since it is the middle of the week, I start working on something else, so I won’t get creative writer’s block. This gets my mind in a different direction and allows me to be more productive the next day. Today is focused on my midterm school assignment, for which I created a website to report my progress at Novelty. I love creating websites, it allows me to experiment with different platforms and designs and allows me to let my creativity flow. 


Thursday… back to the social calendars! Today is the day for creating captions for all posts. I like focusing on one client at a time and finishing all captions in one take, then onto the next client. Because Novelty has such a variety of different clients, I am always able to think of something new. It is great to come up with new content every month for every client and immersing in them. Immersion allows me to see new ideas and improve their content every month. 


It’s already Friday! The week always goes by so fast. I end this week by making sure all social calendars are finished and send them to Leila for feedback that I will work on next week. This week has been another week of progress, creativity, and success! Now it’s time to enjoy the weekend, knowing all tasks for this workweek have been achieved!