Crisis Management

What to do in times of Crisis - Can we stay calm and carry on?


We all are very much aware that Covid-19 has reached the shores of Aruba, and the measurements being taken to ensure safety for all of us residents are severe but necessary. As we know that most businesses in Aruba operate in the tourist industry or are dependent of income related to tourism - these are hard times. Unfortunately, keeping up with day to day news from all around the world, at the moment of writing, we also do not know when this crisis will be over, and if it will get worse before it gets better.


- 3 Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Aruba

- Aruba is on lockdown from all international travel coming in.

- Tourist were urged to leave the island

- Establishments including casinos, restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations must be closed after 10pm

- No more church services for public

- Practice Social Distancing

- All measurements in place are to "Flatten the Curve"


Even though marketing might seem the furthest thing on anyone's mind right now, it is important to know that PR and Communication are essential parts of Marketing for businesses big and small. Preparations for activities after the pandemic are starting today. You can innovate by informing people. Marketing during a crisis can provide new insights that you might not have seen before.

Transparent communication is important especially now. Show what you have to deal with. By facing the problem head on, you can take it head on and continue on the right foot after the crisis.

We are happy to help you make this transition. In times of crisis, communication can make or break your organization.


Novelty is your Strategic Marketeer always looking for opportunities to help you retain many o the values o your company and safeguarding your image through this pandemic.

We think about the details of your sales flows. Are you not selling at home yet, is this possible? Can your service be made digital- we're here to help!

Hunto nos por vence!