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Ayleen’s Week at Novelty

Novelty consist of different women whom come together to work in collaboration with local companies on the island of Aruba to achieve their marketing goals. However, the weeks of our team always look different. So, what do we do exactly? Take a peek behind the curtain and read a little bit on our new intern, Ayleen’s week at Novelty.

At Novelty we are innovative we are creative and we all strive to achieve one goal. Oh, my excuses, I don’t think I introduced myself. I’m Ayleen and to tell you a little bit about myself: I’m a 19 year old student fulfilling my last year at EPI Aruba and specializing in Commercial Services.


Let’s start! It’s my fourth week and it’s all hands on deck. From digital content creation to photo shoots and brain storming sessions. Novelty makes sure to keep all their interns as well -informed and guided as possible by reading through all material and documents available in each file to execute effective and relevant content for each respective account that can connect to the specified target groups. These documents give us insight to what language our audience speaks and how to communicate best the message that the brands are trying to make known. Monday starts with the collection of content for various accounts within Novelty and team meetings!


Today is all about creativity and design. Starting with brand manuals and buyer-personas. I eagerly got to work by designing and picking intentional colors that match brands and their stories best. That speak to the clients as well as creating a specific profile on a customers that are within our target group in order to visually be able to perceive them.


Analyzation and improvement! Today we focus on analyzing all results of the month before. I dive deep in to online engagement and behavior as I gain internal insight. It’s truly interesting to see who our audience actually is and what they like to see.

Next up, we switched it up as we headed to the beach for a photo shoot and blended in with the island life style. Check out these pretty sweet shots:


Then you wake up on your fourth innovative day at Novelty. Truly this week was a pretty creative one so far. We managed to achieve another successful photo shoot at one of our local costumer’s business. The day went by as I made various designs for our monthly social media calendar & planning, not missing the feedback given for improvement. #Noveltyteam


And just like that it’s Friday and the weekend that paves the way to a new week is around the corner. Friday’s for me are usually closed by finishing left over tasks from the week before, or getting work done ahead of time as well as planning for the week ahead. There’s nothing like finishing your week feeling accomplished!

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