How can you stay authentic on social media?

5 tips on how you can stay connected and authentic to your followers

Social media is like a big playground. You can meet your best friends, or even gain some enemies perhaps.

But one thing is for sure. Everyone’s there to play and the game can get competitive at times to find out who’s the best or the most innovative kid with the strategical game-plan, or perhaps you might catch yourself simply searching for who your real friends are.

Now we have definitely seen a huge increase in information online, and truthfully not all information is trustworthy. Just like every action has a reaction – Online consumers have become more skeptical of not only what they spend their money on but who they are giving their money. In the new era of communication, social media is all about being social right? However, how can brands connect effectively with consumers when building authentic relationships online?

Perhaps the following tips might be of great help to develop real relationships with your followers online.

1. Tell your story

All humans have a story and rankly the people whom we are the closest to, are the ones that shared that story with us. It’s only natural for us to connect to what we relate to. These people more often than not, invited us to slowly get to know them. Their thoughts, their convictions, what they stand for, and believe in. And we can consider them as people that brought something valuable to our lives. Whether it be a simple friendship, inspired growth, or a lesson.

Whether you have 10 or 1000 employees, each person contributes to your organization’s growth and culture. The stories of your people are the ones your digital audiences can relate to the most. They help to humanize the business. Rather than saying you sell a quality product, try to spotlight the people who help your product to exceed customer expectations.

2. History

Share stories that are uniquely yours! You may already have it. One of the best bases of content is your company’s history. It includes stories that demonstrate how you’ve stayed true to your company’s values and how your company has grown over the years.

3. Be truthful and talk straight.

Being untruthful about your brand or company, especially when critics are only a social post away from exposing you, it might not be the best idea. However being truthful, is not only about what you say but also how you say it. Whenever one makes a bold statement, be sure to have the data needed to back it up. Customers who value authenticity also shun deceptive messages and seek only authentic content from brands they trust.

4. Give it some sass

Have you ever bought a product just because the person selling it was so genuinely charming? You can do the same with your social media strategy. It’s much more enticing for someone to engage with you online if they get a real conversation rather than a generic autoreply. This of course looks different according to each brand. But, perhaps your new social media strategy might look a bit more charged with sass and humor to connect with the daily struggles of younger generations online.

5. Take a stand on social issues.

We all agree that 2020 has definitely sparked a huge number of conversations. Naturally, consumers have higher expectations for brands to take a stand on social issues now more than ever. It is said that two out of three consumers are “belief-driven buyers. Meaning that someone will purchase, switch or avoid a brand based on the social values it stands for.

Trust us, we are aware of how intimidating this can seem. However, social media is a powerful tool for showing that you stand for a cause but be careful about what you choose to support. Make sure the cause or causes are directly related to your organization’s values!