Who we are

Novelty Marketing is an Aruban based company in the hands of Leila Pocorni. The team is ambitious and dedicated to help your business blossom in the creative, comprehensive environment that is online media marketing. 

The team selected research and approach your company and your clients with Care, while Creating powerful strategies and bestselling campaigns, Connecting you to your client base. 

Why we do it

Discovering many misconceptions related to Marketing and the Digital world, Novelty believed to be able to add a science based approach. Our approach is to utilize a mixture of creative content, planning, measuring, graphic design, customized advertising campaigns, demographic research and optimization. To ensure the best possible marketing implementation to meet a range of business goals such as visibility, awareness, engagement, increased sales numbers and decreased company costs.

How we started

We opened our doors in 2015 using our unique creativity, experience in the corporate field and commercial approach to help clients in Aruba reach its desired marketing goals. From May 2019, Novelty made the next step to The Netherlands and opened its first freelance contact in Den Bosch, now catering to the strategic needs of companies at home, across the ocean and expanding our service line to help interns from The Netherlands find its place in learning environment jobs in Aruba.

Meet the team

Leila Pocorni
Boss Lady

Novelty's Creator and Founder. She makes sure  everyone can do what they do best. Always there for an extra push, and motivation.

T.+297 734 7300

E. Leila@novelty-marketing.com

Marrit Zwarts

Care Queen

She is mostly involved in the first phase Care. She is not afraid to ask the right questions, where do you stand & where do you want to be? 
T. +297 582 9880

E. Marrit@novelty-marketing.com

Gershon Mohamed

Evangelist / Designer
Spreading the word and art of Novelty, he finds a place & time to evangelise Novelty's services through his impeccable designs.
T. +297 735 7300

E: Office@novelty-marketing.com

Kim de Wit-Puts

COO of First Impressions

Our Administrative guru, is the first person you see. With understanding and welcoming attitude she knows exactly how to help you best!

T. +297 582 9880

E. admin@novelty-marketing.com

Kelly Welten

Project Pitbull
There from the Start, Kelly knows all the ins & outs of marketing, and sales. She is now heading the Novelty Departments in Holland.
T. +31 6 208 79 442

E. Kelly@novelty-marketing.com

Sanne Wessels

Super Social Woman
Sanne knows exactly where to find your audience and what tools to use to reach them. Putting your ideas into action, while measuring results
T. +297 582 9880

E. Sanne@novelty-marketing.com

Susana Dangel

All Around Angel
Research, strategies, moodboards, designs and social media - There's nothing she can't do for your company!
T. +297 582 9880

E. Office@novelty-marketing.com

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Relationship Building

Putting effort and time in relationship building between Novelty Marketing, our clients and their customers.

By managing online community platforms we ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand awareness through monitored engagement

Original Content & Design

We help you find creative solutions through a world of online social media marketing tools with original content tailored to your customer. Unique and different all of our creations are an original tested through tracking and measuring analytics.

Customer Connection 

Direct contact with customers through targeted results oriented advertising. Be seen by the right people, at the right time.


Furthermore we connect al different social media platforms, CRM marketing and Google Advertising together to create one overall online marketing campaign. 

We offer great opportunities for freelancers and potential employees.